Ever thought about diving into the world of supply chain management? Wondering how to take those initial steps?

In a recent conversation, we had the pleasure of discussing with Maria Villablanca her journey into the field of supply chain management. From unexpected beginnings at a winery in Chile to overseeing global logistics, Maria shared her unique insights and advice for those considering a career in this critical industry.

If you’re curious about supply chain careers and seeking practical guidance to get started, Maria’s story and expertise could be exactly what you need to begin your journey.

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Maria Villablanca’s Journey into Supply Chain: An Unexpected Path


Maria Villablanca’s entry into the supply chain field was unexpected. Initially aspiring to be a lawyer, her journey took an unexpected turn when family circumstances redirected her towards a supply chain job at a winery in Chile. There, she immersed herself in import-export tasks, managing everything from bills of lading to sourcing and procurement. This role provided her with a comprehensive view of the supply chain, igniting her passion for the industry.

Working in food manufacturing, particularly in winemaking, Maria experienced firsthand the intricacies of supply chain management—from overseeing production processes to navigating international partnerships. Her five-year tenure not only deepened her professional expertise but also heightened her appreciation for the sector’s vital role in global operations.


The Impact and Importance of Supply Chain Jobs


Reflecting on her journey, Maria emphasized the critical role supply chain jobs play in global logistics and sustainability. She noted how the sector supports essential functions, ranging from managing hospital supplies during crises to supporting ambitious ventures like space exploration. Maria underscored the multifaceted skills required in supply chain roles, including technical acumen, commercial savvy, and a commitment to sustainability.


Guidance for Aspiring Supply Chain Professionals


For those aspiring to enter the supply chain job market, Maria offered practical advice. She highlighted the increased visibility of supply chains post-pandemic and encouraged prospective professionals to immerse themselves in industry-related content. Networking, she stressed, is pivotal for building connections and staying informed about emerging opportunities. Maria also recommended exploring educational programs and engaging with industry associations to gain relevant skills and insights.


Maria Villablanca’s journey exemplifies the diverse pathways into supply chain careers and underscores the sector’s dynamic nature. Her story resonates with those intrigued by logistics, sustainability, and global operations. As supply chains continue to evolve, Maria’s insights serve as a beacon for aspiring professionals seeking to make an impact in this essential industry.


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Connect with Maria here:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@MariaPVillablanca
Website: https://www.mariavillablanca.com/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariavillablanca/
And listen to Maria’s podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/transform-talks-the-supply-chain-transformation-podcast/


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Editor’s Note: The content of this post was originally published on Logistics Bureau’s website dated May 01, 2024, under the title “Why Choose Supply Chain As Your First Job?



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