Leading Supply Chain Consultants for Small to Medium Enterprise

Are you a Director or a Senior Executive in a Small to Medium Enterprise of $5-30 million annual turnover? Do you have Supply Chain and Logistics challenges that cause you concern? Would you like a fast and proven process to ‘fix’ these challenges and get your organisation on track to improved sales and reduced costs?

Then you have come to the right place!

Dawson Consulting is a brand within the Logistics Bureau Group and provides a range of specialised cost effective  Supply Chain and Logistics Consulting services to businesses just like yours. These services have been developed to ensure you gain maximum benefit for minimum investment and are based on working with thousands of consulting clients since 1990.

Oh, and like all of the businesses and brands within our group, not only are we focussed on helping you, but also those in need.  You can see how we do that on our Giving Page.

Take a look at our services page and you’ll find our Supply Chain Consulting Services are focussed on the main Supply Chain issues we see amongst SME’s.

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