Our CSR Program at Dawson Consulting

Thanks a Million!

As part of our everyday business activities, we like to help those less fortunate around the world.

Since we began as a Business Partner of the B1G1 Giving Program in mid 2012, we have impacted the lives of Millions of people!

This has only been possible with the support of our clients, industry colleagues and our Supply Chain Leaders Academy Members.

And of course with the help of our guests who support our Supply Chain Secrets seminars and other Specialist workshops. 

If you haven’t been to those you can get invitations here:

On our way to reach our next Million positive impacts around the world!

You Can Help


Just interact with us in some way on this Website, using your favourite social media tool.

On any page, just LIKE, SHARE, RETWEET or GOOGLE+, and for each interaction on any page on this site, we’ll give fresh water to a person in Ethiopia, or maybe sight saving vitamins to a child along with many other worthy causes here in Australia and around the World. Don’t go mad. Just once on any page you like is fine!


A World of Giving


Just click on the map below to see the various worthy causes that we support around the World.


For further information about our B1G1 Giving Program, check out these links:

CSR - Our Giving Program
Dawson Consulting CSR Program

Contact Rob O'ByrneBest Regards

Rob O’Byrne

Email or +61 417 417 307

You too can join our ‘World of Giving

If you would like to make a difference to those in need, you can personally give to some selected projects below.