Have You Booked Your Place at Supply Chain Leaders Insights?

October 17th and 19th 2017 will see SME leaders heading for Sydney and Melbourne to participate in the refreshingly different Supply Chain Leaders Insights event, where experts normally too busy to share their knowledge and insights in a non-commercial setting, will take a day out from their business schedules to do precisely that.

Will you be joining us at SCLI this year?…

If not, the ONLY JUSTIFIABLE excuse you have (if you’re within any reasonable distance of Melbourne or Sydney) is that you haven’t yet heard about the rare opportunity presented by SCLI.

If that’s the case, be heartened to know that you’re not too late to bag yourself a ticket which incidentally, costs less than a meal for two at a decent restaurant.


What’s so Special about SCLI?

You can find plenty of information about Supply Chain Leaders Insights if you take a look at the website and blog, and we’ve also posted a few articles on our other sites, like the one on the Logistics Bureau blog. Safe to say though, that SCLI is a very different type of business event to most that you may have attended.

Naturally SCLI is focused exclusively on supply chain matters, but more to the point, the topics covered are those of real importance to supply chain leaders and managers today. That’s because they are presented by experts engaged daily in solving supply chain and logistics problems, albeit normally by selling products or services.


Bare-bones Insights from Experts in the Know

There will be no selling at the SCLI event though, unless you approach any of the experts during a break to express commercial interest in their expertise.


This is one industry event at which good advice and insight is stripped down to the bone, unencumbered by even the most subtle of sales-oriented persuasion.


In fact, the only sales pitch you’re going to come across is the one I’m making now—but I do this only because I want you to benefit from SCLI, a non-profit event with all proceeds going to charities and aid-organisations around the world.

Now in case you think I’m just tugging at your heartstrings as a form of persuasion, I’m going to explain a few more reasons why you really shouldn’t miss SCLI 2017 if you’re in a business that relies on supply chain performance.


Choose from Among 20 Presenting Experts

Each round-table session at SCLI runs for just one hour, and involves one of our experts coaching, training, or just sharing their knowledge with small groups of delegates, literally around a table.


Each sessions is repeated throughout the day, so you can choose the topics of most importance to you and create your session schedule in advance… Or if you prefer, just go with your gut on the day.


If you want to plan your day at either the Sydney or Melbourne event, you’ll find a program on the Supply Chain Leaders Insights web site. It’s quite important to check this program because a couple of the experts will be speaking at one of the venues only.


Ridiculously Affordable Tickets (Especially With a Promo Code)

The motivation behind Supply Chain Leaders Insights is a desire to help business operators (and anyone with an interest in supply chain) access information and advice that’s not typically yielded by conventional conferences.

That’s why you can get an SCLI ticket for less than $100—a LOT less if you take advantage of a promo code from Logistics Bureau.


When was the last time you or anyone in your company attended an industry event at such a low cost? Of course it may have been a year ago if you attended the first SCLI event in Sydney.


With the event’s expansion to a second city this year, the low price of admission should be even more of an incentive to attend. If you weren’t present last year though, you can see and hear the positive reception SCLI received by watching the Delegate Feedback video over at the Supply Chain Leaders Insights homepage.


Clear Your Diary and Book Your Place

By now I hope you’re convinced that Supply Chain Leaders Insights is an event not to be missed, but you’ll need to reserve your place fast if you plan to join us.

In case you didn’t get it already the dates and venues are:

Both events will start at 8:30 AM, so remember to set off early. Better still, stay in town the night before, so you can start the day refreshed and alert (it’s a full day with a lot to take in).