Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants
Here at Dawson Consulting we strive for one thing, improving your Supply Chain! Whether that be through effective warehouse design, more effective transport modes or a sound distribution network we have a team of consultants who can help you.

Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants with a pragmatic approach to solving issues throughout the Supply Chain. Now part of Logistics Bureau.

Supply Chain Leaders Insights

Supply Chain Leaders Insights Supply Chain Leaders Insights is an innovative new industry program aimed at connecting industry experts with those seeking knowledge. Almost free, with income from ticket sales going to charity, this is a unique concept in Australia for Supply Chain & Logistics Conferences Coming very soon. You can reserve tickets now.  Details are here.          ... read more

Stephen Biss heads up Dawson Consulting

Dawson Consulting Director – Stephen Biss “I first worked with Stephen when I joined Dawson Consulting back in 1994” remarked Rob O’Byrne, Founder, Owner and MD of the Logistics Bureau Group. We (Logistics Bureau) acquired Dawson Consulting back in 2007, and I’ve recently decided to relaunch the brand to provide a pragmatic ‘no-nonsense’ offer in the market place. A ‘no frills’ option rather like the Jetstar v Qantas brand comparison. And we were lucky to find Stephen Biss and bring him back into the fold! Stephen and his team are particularly skilled at working with companies in the mid to smaller turnover range, who tend to have these characteristics:   Below $300 million turnover. Privately owned. A Supply Chain that is not particularly complex. A lack of skilled in-house Supply Chain and Logistics resources. Difficulty in containing costs whilst maintaining service levels. Not that experienced at hiring and managing consulting support. Looking for a simple, pragmatic fix, that won’t break the bank.   You can contact Stephen for more details right here:   Best Regards Rob O’Byrne MD Logistics Bureau Group    ... read more