Transport Management

Poor transport performance can mean poor customer service and in turn, poor sales. Do you think you need help with your delivery performance? Check out our service below.

Improve your Transport Performance

The Problem

Delivery transport for many Small to Medium Enterprises, SMEs, can be a major headache due to high costs and poor service.

Often economies of scale are lacking, and this may make it harder to improve performance.

So whether you operate your own distribution transport in house, or have it outsourced, the improvement path can seem to be illusive.

The Impact

If your customer delivery transport is not performing well, it has a direct impact on your customer service. With many businesses, it is only this critical transport interface that is the contact point between customers and your business.

Poor delivery performance translates very quickly into customer dissatisfaction and a decline in sales. Of course delivery transport can be a major cost too. In major corporations, outbound transport costs may only equate to 2-3% of sales, perhaps as low as 1% or less depending on the industry.

But for SMEs it can be as high as 5-10%. This comes about for many reasons. Lack of scale and volume. Lack of skill in planning and managing transport. Or maybe even difficulty in dealing with transport contractors.

Our SME Transport Audit


Our SME Transport Audit is designed to identify your major outbound (delivery) transport issues and provide you with the guidance and roadmap to improve performance.

Conducted with 2-3 weeks and at a cost of under $10,000 + GST, our approach will give you the following benefits:


Transport spend analysis to establish how many transport suppliers you area and should be using.


Transport service analysis to review the level of service you are buying and the actual delivery performance. Sometimes SMEs are buying the wrong transport service.


Transport assets review to examine the makeup of the fleet in terms of vehicles types and number, as well as overall utilisation. This is important for in-house fleets as well as outsourced operations.


A tailor made Key Performance Indicator report to manage transport supplier relationships ongoing (or your in-house fleet).


A customised roadmap to improved transport performance.


A review of transport planning processes and systems.


A 2-hour workshop with selected staff to explain and impart the performance improvement roadmap.


Membership to our 12-month online Supply Chain Education Program (valued at $800) for up to four staff.

Why not talk to one of our team about this service, to see if it meets your needs?