Logistics Outsourcing

Logistics outsourcing relationships can be hard to establish, manage, and maintain. Are you considering outsourcing or are you already outsourcing? You might need some help! Do check out our service below.

Improve your Logistics Outsourcing Performance

The Problem

Logistics Outsourcing for many Small to Medium Enterprises, SME’s, can be a very difficult relationship to establish and manage, or even contemplate!

It can lead to unexpected costs and customer service impacts, as this is often due to a lack of understanding of how to go about the Outsourcing process.

So if you are already outsourced or are considering outsourcing, read on.

The Impact

Unexpected costs, higher costs than normal, customer service issues…. These and more are very common impacts of Outsourcing done poorly.

You have three options generally.

  1.  Try to fix the existing Logistics Outsourcing contract/relationship.
  2.  Change to a different Outsourcing partner.
  3.  Bring the functions back in-house.

Thankfully we have been dealing with Logistics Outsourcing contracts since 1990 and have helped hundreds of businesses through these challenges.

Rather like marriage guidance counsellors, we always start with the objective of fixing the existing relationship!

Our SME Logistics Outsourcing Audit

Our SME Logistics Outsourcing Audit is designed to identify your major outsourcing issues and provide you with the guidance and roadmap to improve performance. (It can also be utilised to help you decide if Outsourcing is the right strategy for you. Talk to us for further information.)

Conducted with 2-3 weeks and at a cost of under $10,000 + GST, our approach will give you the following benefits:


Logistics Outsourcing Contract review, to establish the commercial relationship and arrangements.


Logistics Outsourcing Specification review, to establish the agreed services and service standards.


Logistics Outsourcing Rates review, to establish the rate structure and the behaviour it drives. We also check the actual rates for market competitiveness.


Contractor Performance Analysis to identify those areas needing improvement.


A tailor made Key Performance Indicator report to manage contractor relationships ongoing.


A customised roadmap to improved Outsourcing Performance.


A 2-hour workshop with selected staff to explain and impart the performance improvement roadmap.


Membership to our 12-month online Supply Chain Education Program (valued at $800) for up to four staff.

Why not talk to one of our team about this service, to see if it meets your needs?