Customer Service

Do you really know what your customers want? Do you have a clearly documented customer service policy? Do you think you need some help with your customer service performance? Do check out our service below.

Improve Your Customer Service Performance

The Problem

Your Customer Service offer shapes your whole Supply Chain!

Where you hold stock, how much stock you hold, how you process orders, and how you deliver to customers. It’s the very foundation of your business in many respects.

But all too often, and in SMEs particularly, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what customers really want, what services should be offered and the costs of these service levels.

The results lead to stress in the business and lack of growth.

The Impact

A poorly articulated and managed customer service offer, will generally cause these visible impacts:

  1. Higher than expected level of customer complaints.
  2. Higher than expected customer service costs.
  3. A lot of rework of orders.
  4. A lot of expediting of orders.
  5. Poor overall customer service performance metrics.

If you’re like many SME’s you don’t even have a clearly documented customer service policy.

Our SME Customer Service Audit

Our SME Customer Service Audit is designed to identify your major customer service issues and provide you with the guidance and ‘roadmap’ to improve performance.

Conducted with 2-3 weeks and at a cost of under $10,000 + GST our approach will give you the following benefits:


Customer Service Policy Review, whether formally documented or in someone’s head. We can advise on the reality of actually achieving these targets and the business impacts.


Customer Service Performance Review from existing documentation, reports, and surveys if available. (We can actually conduct a survey on your behalf for a modest additional cost.)


Recommended changes to your Customer Service officer and policy.


A tailor made Key Performance Indicator report to manage Customer Service ongoing.


A customised roadmap to improved service performance.


A 2-hour workshop with selected staff to explain and impart the performance improvement roadmap.


Membership to our 12-month online Supply Chain Education Program (valued at $800) for up to four staff.

Why not talk to one of our team about this service, to see if it meets your needs?