Tactical – Operational Level

Warehouse and distribution centre operations

Distribution Centre Audit

A distribution centre audit has two main objectives:

  • To identify opportunities for Cost Reduction
  • To identify opportunities for Improvements in Productivity

The audit is carried out either independently or in conjunction with, the client’s line management and includes all centre operations and associated processes as required by the client. Reference and comparison with industry best practice is made and probable cause(s) of poor performance identified wherever possible.

The overall aim of the audit is to optimise operations with the resources available. This process will reveal elements that are not adding value to the operation and will offer practical solutions and approaches and options for change.

The audit includes consultants spending time ?at the coal face? in order to gain a greater understanding of the facility and the needs of the client. In order to provide the customer with the best solution in this area, our consulting team can also assist with the process of identification and evaluation of suitable Warehouse Management Systems. This service can include preparation of the initial brief and tender through to system evaluation and selection.

Design and Layout

Following on from our ability to maximise the efficiency of operations, our consulting team also provide assistance with Dawson Consulting offers a distribution centre design and layout service. Our consultants in this field have many years of experience and have been directly involved in project design, planning, costing and implementation. Turnkey solutions can also be negotiated on behalf of clients including the latest warehouse technology systems, with our consultants playing a project management role between your company and suppliers. Our consultants have full visibility of the warehouse infrastructure suppliers from around the globe, but in order to maintain our independence we have no affiliation with any one provider.

Information Technology

Dawson Consulting has extensive experience in researching, planning and implementing IT systems which promote efficiency and reduce operational costs. Particular emphasis is placed upon refining existing processes before system design and specification in order to provide an optimum solution at lowest cost. IT systems may be either real time or off line and include:

  • Warehouse management
  • Material requirements planning
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing

Site Selection

After rigorous evaluation, Dawson Consulting will identify properties that are suitable for clients. This includes a thorough assessment of the property’s long-term investment value, as well as its ability to form part of an effective logistics solution.

Our team has formed an alliance with one of the industry’s leading property consultants to ensure our advice is always up to date and in-line with best practice.

As part of this service, we will negotiate terms of purchase and assist the client in formulating a development package that reflects the most favorable market conditions. This will involve an assessment of investment returns, tax depreciation, and of course, the GST.

Facilities Management and 3PL (Outsourcing)

In order to improve returns to shareholders, companies have turned to outsourcing of non-core business. The evaluation and decision process to outsource to a 3PL arrangement can however be difficult and sometimes involve a high degree of emotion. Therefore independent assistance at times like these can be of great benefit to the organisation in order to offer clarity to complex issues. Our service in this area to assist with the decision includes consultation and supporting analysis to establish both cost and service level impacts, between the existing and planned 3PL arrangement.

Consolidation of sites

Once again in the race to return a better investment, business are focussing on the reduction of costs whilst trying to constantly maintain customer service levels. Therefore a potential ‘consolidation’ of warehouse operations can be a contentious issue. Our consulting team can evaluate service levels and the cost structures that accompany the current company operations to provide a solution to support your business strategy.