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Freight Services

Freight Management (FMS)

FMS provides leading-edged, outsourced freight management expertise, through a combination of services which can be applied as required by companies lacking or not in need of full-time expertise.

FMS consists of two core services:

  • Drafting and implementation of Service Agreements

    Users of freight services often suffer poor service due to the absence of a structured relationship with their carriers. Service Agreements provide a framework for communication and management of the relationship between client and carrier.

  • Management of Service Agreements

    Either as a follow-on to implementation or in relation to an existing Service Agreement, this service provides expertise in managing the terms of the Agreement. Dawson Consulting provides consultants who know and are known within the freight industry and will optimise the performance of the Agreement.

Freight Optimisation (FOS)

This service identifies and implements the optimal freight and distribution operations to achieve the client’s service objectives at the least cost. The potential scope of FOS projects ranges across the total supply chain. Projects may include both inbound and outbound movement of goods, together with international freight, forwarding and clearance. Typical savings across all types of projects are in the range 15% – 25% and begin to accrue within 12 – 15 weeks of project commencement.

The results are delivered through a four-phased project that addresses the following broad issues:

  • Benchmarking of the current services and costs.
  • Confirmation of required service standards and drafting of Service Specification.
  • Development of options, issue of Request For Proposal (RFP) and development of recommendations.
  • Drafting and negotiation of service-based contracts and implementation of recommendations.

To facilitate the often complex RFP process, Dawson Consulting has developed the content and design of an on-line procurement site – Freighthub.

Freighthub provides optimal accessibility to both users and providers of services for both creating and responding to RFPs. It ensures documents of a consistently high standard and focus, resulting in a higher standard of response. Freighthub also facilitates the effective control of a high number of participants.

The implementation of recommendations is managed by consultants with long-term transport industry experience. This ensures delivery of improved service standards and lower costs is achieved in the shortest possible time.