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Foresight Survey

Just released – Results of the Dawson Consulting Foresight Survey 2002-2003

We need our own view. That is the basic premise of this project. That is what many Australian managers have requested. The issues and challenges we face as Australian Supply Chain Managers are so different, and arguably more demanding, that simply looking at Australia through the prism of yet another global study is not sufficient. Yes, it is important to compare our thinking and priorities to U.S. or European counterparts to see how we stack up against ‘the best’. But our operating environment is so unique that we never get a true comparison. I am therefore, pleased to share the results of our inaugural ‘Foresight Survey’, which provides a strategic overview of the key concerns, strategies and actions that will shape the Australian Supply Chain industry over the next 12 months.

Please click on the link below to view the survey results.

Dawson Consulting Foresight Survey 2002