Supply chain  and Logistics Consultants

Our culture

As Australasia’s most established supply chain management consultancy, and with many of the original employees still active in the business, Dawson Consulting can truly lay claim to a unique and enduring culture. It is a culture which embraces change and rewards the delivery of outstanding value to our customers. It is a culture which recognises the limitations of a formal, hierarchical structure to the professional growth of the individual and the organisation. At Dawson Consulting, this statement means more than just words.


Achieve prosperity, growth, and prominence as the leaders of cost effective consulting services in the area of supply chain management.


Through pragmatic and time tested methods, recommend and implement supply chain management improvements to small, medium and large businesses which are perceived as adding significant value.

Our Philosophy

Thus our philosophy is simple:

  • To work with our customers to develop and implement solutions, not to dictate solutions
  • To apply methodologies which encourage creativity and innovation, not simply procedure
  • To sustain a team environment where the full intellectual resources of the company will be brought to bear on the optimum solution for the customer